Making Pinhole Cameras

The first camera I made was based on one of the designs I saw on the Internet. I used a Cadbury chocolate tin, which in India still have the tight fitting tin lid. It worked fine, except that once I started getting results, I realised the hole I’d made was not precise enough. So I started using a piece of black film canister as a ‘hole-piece’, taped over a 10mm hole.

I didn’t use this camera much, because of its small size, and immediately made a big test pinhole camera using a cardboard box I negotiated for at the supermarket. They don’t like giving their boxes away…

This box worked remarkably well, and I used it till it fell apart. I made another camera on the same model, and started experimenting with cylindrical cameras using tins, which produced round pictures.

I made the smallest camera out of a black film canister, which produced excellent miniatures.