The Second Dark Room

When we moved back to the ‘jungle house’, there was no bathroom I could use. We only had a shower with no door, and the toilet was outside in the woods.
By then, I had a fairly good idea of what to do, and what I needed.

The dark room in the jungle house So I set up in the brick-and-mortar garden shed, which I shared with a fairly un-wild brown rat. The rat would walk off as in a huff when I walked in, and gnaw at the cardboard I’d placed over her favourite vents overnight and tear them down. I would replace them in the morning. In the end we came to a compromise where I took the cardboard down after use. The ants made damp piles of sand on the floor, so I had to store my cameras on higher shelves – the ones the rat didn’t use. I brought the water I needed for rinsing and diluting chemicals in a bucket.

Darkening the door, corrugated with big gaps top and bottom, was more of a problem. I couldn’t fix nails anywhere. I did manage to jam cardboard on sticks, and hang blankets somehow, and hook the door closed with bits of string.

But it worked fine, as long as I only used the darkroom when the sun didn’t shine on the door. I couldn’t prevent it to seep through the corrugated gaps.